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Nginx Bug With Alias and Try_files

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One of the projects I am working on is using a combination of Angular and Laravel. Angular is the driver for everything and controls the front end. Laravel provides an API to present date to the front end.

To help ease the worry of dealing with cross-site requests we decided to put the Laravel code base under the alias /api. If we put this in an example, our website lives at and our API lives at When trying this on our Nginx server we ran into a problem, so I thought I would share the solution.

New Site

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I welcome you to the latest of many revamps to my site. I have started and destroyed this platform over and over again. The biggest reason for never keeping it going is that I will get frustrated at the lack of posts that I share and decide, what is the point of maintaining if I am not going to share more.

Well, I decided that this time I don’t care how often I post to this blog. That being said, this probably won’t be the place to come for regular updates, however this will be a place to come for different types of content. I will be posting updates to Twitter as I post, so following me there will be the best way to keep up with things.

One thing to note about this blog is that I have switched to Octopress as a blogging platform and hosting the site on GitHub Pages. I have used WordPress in the past and have enjoyed it. I chose Octopress this time because I was wanting to trying something new, and WordPress has become more than I need for a simple blog.

That is all I have for this little intro, but follow me on twitter at @snumb130 for updates.