Goodbye Events Calendar

Event Registration and Ticketing Plugin for WordPress
After a lot of thinking I have decided to drop all support and future updates for Events Calendar.  I have no time to work on the plugin and see no time in the near future that I will be able to continue.  If anyone would like to take it over please feel free to fork in from the WordPress SVN.  I hope everyone has enjoyed it.  I recommend you check out Event Espresso.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Events Calendar

  1. andrea

    I Luke,
    can you explain us how to create a from your SVN?
    Otherwise can us develop in your trunk wthout create a fork?
    Thanks in advice,

  2. Charlie

    Your Quote Rotator is awesome! Hope you haven’t given up on it – i did not see a page or any mentions for it!
    But, two questions: How can I make the authors name in bold? If, not, then second question: How can I separate it from the actual quote, or to move it down one line (to separate the text)? Thx.

    1. Luke Post author

      With the Quote Rotator you can edit the css and make any changes that you need. You can also get plugins that will allow you to add custom css.


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